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Review: Anne Pro 2

TLDR: The best mechanical keyboard for work and play while on the move.

The first Anne Pro was the best mobile gaming keyboard when it first launched. It’s a 60% keyboard that came with a variety of Gateron switches, per-key RGB lighting, and supported both a Bluetooth 3.0 and wired connection. While it was an amazing keyboard, it did have software and hardware issues (see Anne Pro 1 Review Here). The Anne Pro 2 fixed those issues and also improved the typing experience overall by offering better software and hardware.


  • 60% Keyboard

  • Per-Key RGB

  • Bluetooth 4.0 with multiple profiles

  • USB-C for wired use

  • On/Off Bluetooth switch

  • Built-in battery

  • Gateron and Kailh switch options


At first glance, the Anne Pro siblings seem identical but a closer look reveals the various improvements and features in the latest model. One of the differences is the switches. The Kailh Browns have a more stable tactile feel thanks to the box switch design and better stabilization bars for the keys. It also incorporates a Bluetooth switch at the bottom of the keyboard which was one of the most requested features for the keyboard.

The AP2 adds a 2nd function key for more control options. FN1 is mapped for the missing keys from a full-size keyboard while FN2 is for the Bluetooth and lighting controls.


The original Anne Pro came with Obins software for Windows and mobile devices which was clunky at best. It required a Bluetooth connection to work and when it did connect, it wasn’t very intuitive and didn’t always save your settings.

With ObinsLab Starter, the entire user interface has been revamped and is much easier to setup the keyboard. There are multiple tabs to adjust key layout, lighting, special settings, firmware, and to create macros.


If I had to sum up how good the Anne Pro 2 is in 1 word: AMAZING.

Obins has really improved the Anne Pro with better Bluetooth connectivity which NEVER missed or repeated a keystroke. The addition of USB-C is also a welcome change since it’s much easier plugging in the cable without looking at the port. The Kahli switches and the improved stabilizer bars for the larger keys makes the typing and gaming experience much better. Unlike my Anne Pro 1, I didn't have to add O-rings to improve keyboard feel. The inclusion of an on/off switch for Bluetooth ensures that the battery doesn’t drain during transport from accidental key presses/holds, a nice touch.

The software and additional features included with the Anne Pro are also awesome. ObinsStarter Lab is a MASSIVE improvement over the mobile-only software. It’s very easy to configure lighting, button layouts, and macros. I love that I can use the Shift, Alt, CTRL, and Fn keys as my directional arrows just by tapping them and use them as normal when holding them down. You can also move the directional arrows to a different key or make more “tapping” buttons in the software

The “Magic Fn” on the Caps Lock button makes it easier to utilize the F1-F12 keys while gaming.

One thing I’d like to see in a future firmware update is to light up usable keys when an Fn key is held. Also, it would be cool to include mouse control by holding the Fn key and utilizing the WASD keys. The Ducky Mini has both of these features and it makes it easier to find the right function or control the cursor without taking my hands off the keyboard.

My Improvements

Nothing. Literally, I didn't have to do anything to make this keyboard feel or perform better than stock. That's how awesome this keyboard is!

Who should get this keyboard?

This keyboard is for the mobile gamer that also wants to be productive. We want to have a keyboard that can pair with the many devices we have and also connect via USB for a lag-free gaming experience. We also enjoy the feel of a mechanical keyboard and want to take that with us on the go. The size, weight, and features make this keyboard great for home use and as a travel companion for our devices.


Obins has done an amazing job taking the feedback of the online community and greatly improving the hardware, software, usability and QOL of this keyboard. I do hope they add the Fn key lighting and mouse features in a future firmware update.

Besides those minor (and admittedly unneeded) features missing, I have absolutely NO GRIPES with this keyboard and WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend it to everyone that wants the best wireless/wired 60% keyboard.

Have Fun!

-The Everyday Enthusiast

Disclaimer - I purchased this keyboard with my own money

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