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The Everyday Enthusiast

“Is the new tech really that much better than the old stuff?”
“How can I get this to perform better?”
“Is this device worth it?”


These are just a few questions people often ask me when it comes to technology. Technology is quickly
evolving, making it difficult for the everyday person to keep up with the latest improvements and

I’ve always been fascinated with technology and questioned how and why electronics worked the way
they did. I often got stuck in the common tech enthusiast trap – keeping up with the latest and greatest
technology out there. But is this feasible for the everyday person? Absolutely not. I learned this the hard
way. Something new comes out seemingly every month, and continuously upgrading is just not

I then questioned how I can modify and improve my devices so that they performed optimally. I began
implementing hardware and software enhancements to my electronics and even began using
complementary equipment to enhance their performance. Once I find a device that meets my needs
overall, I learn about everything it has to offer and obsessively improve it until it surpasses its full
potential. Sometimes performing as good as, if not better than, the next generation.
With 13 years of experience testing and tinkering with various devices, I’m here to answer those three
questions and much more. I want to help the everyday person decide on enthusiast level products that work for them.

My name is Justin-Rey, and I’m The Everyday Enthusiast.

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