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Comparison: 2018 GS65 vs 2019 GS65

Let's cut to the chase. You want to know what're the differences between the 2018 GS65 and the new 2019 GS65.

In this article, i'll go over the following:

  • Specs

  • Build

  • Performance

  • Cooling

  • Conclusion

Let's get started


2018 GS65

CPU – Intel 8750H

GPU – Nvidia GTX 1070 Max-Q

Ram – 32GB DDR4 @ 2400MHz

*Liquid Metal (LM) repaste done by HIDevolution for improved thermal performance

2019 GS65

CPU – Intel 8750H

GPU – Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q

Ram – 32GB DDR4 @ 2666MHz

*Liquid Metal (LM) repaste done by HIDevolution for improved thermal performance

The hardware changes are faster ram and RTX GPUs for the 2019 refresh.

Teardown and differences

Time to open both laptops up and show you EVERYTHING that I found.

*1st picture will always be the 2018 model

Keyboard area

2019 has a larger touchpad with textured glass. There is also a notch below touchpad for easier grip on the lid. Finally, the power button is smaller and moved above the vent grills.

Motherboard (Front)

2019 has a new cooling solution - CoolerBoost Trinity + (2 extra heatpipes and new fan design). Looks like it's mostly for the VRMs.


2019 has a new fan design. It's hard to see, but the black fan replacing the red fan has thinner blades.

Sound and LAN

Both models still utilize a Realtek HD Audio chip, an ESS Sabre HiFi ESS9118EQ chip, and the Killer Shield.

Motherboard (Rear)

2019 has a new motherboard revision. You can also see the extra components on the GPU portion of each board.

Bottom frame

The 2019 has less cutouts (black squares) around the keyboard area and around the touchpad. This could be why the frame feels more rigid.

Touchpad Area

Here's a closer look of the touchpad area. Notice the extra cutouts for the 2018 model vs the solid 2019 model. Also, the touchpad ribbon cables are a bit different.

Vent Area

Different model numbers. Tapping on the metal with my nail, the 2019 seems to be more solid.

Power Button

The power button on the 2019 is smaller and has moved above the grills.

Bottom cover

The bottom cover looks identical BUT the rear vent on the 2018 has a cutout in the middle while the 2019 is blocked off.


Both utilize the same 82wHr battery.




MSI's 2019 GS65 refresh is a great improvement over last years model.

While there are improvements to the 2019 GS65 regarding features, frame rigidity, and performance, the 2018 model with GTX 1000 series GPUs is discounted and is still a good product for those wanting to save some money. Just be aware of the issues with that model which is frame rigidity (may bend if mishandled) and cooling (you'll need to undervolt and potentially repaste to get maximum performance)

Want to read my reviews? Check them out below!

Have fun!

-The Everyday Enthusiast

*Disclaimer – I purchased both laptops with my own money

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3 commentaires

Ján Búgel
Ján Búgel
18 févr. 2019

this is the best review i ever seen


Rationalist Faith
Rationalist Faith
04 févr. 2019

This is what I call a great/epic review! Definitely a gold standard! Thanks for the time!


03 févr. 2019

Thank you for this! 

With the fan and cooling redesign, would you say the 2019 model is quieter in terms of fan noise than the 2018 when under similar loads?

Is it possible to make it run (practically) silent? I know this will reduce performance but sometimes it's a nice option.


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